Motorcycle service center 

 Growing up in Findlay and being closely tied to it Dave Woods Jr. has had many opportunities across the years to grow his knowledge and gain momentum in the field of motorcycle service and repair. The original WOODS CYCLE was located just a few blocks away in downtown Findlay. Started by Dave's father Dave Woods senior, who himself was an inovator in the field of motorcycle racing .  A walk thru the service area of the shop will give you an appreciation of the roots that Dave Jr. has in his expertise. At the young age of 8, Dave could be found at the local Yamaha dealership ( WOODS CYCLE ) attending to daily shop needs and carrying out his dads instructions. Gaining knowledge as he went along, Dave progressed to helping out with set up and prep of new machines to go on the showroom floor. The flood of 1981 put a serious damper on the dealership and ultimately led to it being closed and the WOODS CYCLE shop being moved to Kenton, Oh.   It was around this time that Dave Jr. decided that he wanted to get into another area of motorcycles that his father had been such an inovator in. FLAT TRACK RACING!!  Dave Sr. wanted no part of his sons foray into flat tracking, but never the less, when Dave Jr. drove thru the tunnel at the Indy Mile for his first race, there sat his dad on the tailgate of his truck with toolbox loaded in the back ready to make sure his boy did the best he could. Together Dave Sr. and Dave Jr. and then Dave's brother Tom, spent many years chasing the dream of getting thru the ranks of flat track racing to make it to "THE SHOW".   The untimely passing of Dave Sr. would prevent that thrill from being enjoyed by father and sons.  The closing of the shop in Kenton and Dave going to work at a different shop somehow did not deter Dave Jr.'s drive to make it to the show.  In 2008, Dave Jr., with help from several friends and supporters,  built his own Harley Davidson XR750 GNC ( Grand National Circuit ) bike ( pictured above ),  At Circleville on the track that two weeks later would host the first race the bike would debut in, Dave made his first appearance on his XR.  Several nail bitting evenings prior to the race weekend proved to be the make it or break it of the effort, but when it was all said and done , in his first time out Dave Jr. finished 7th out of 15 in his first race on the power house bike he had built.  The memories where alive and well when he came off the track and met his "team" in the pits, hugs all around and even a couple tears, knowing that the dream was now reality. Next trip out was the Dayton Newsies. Poor track conditions led Dave to drop out after practice and concentrate on helping his good friend Nick Cummings get prep'd for the main. In doing so,  Nick  finished 3rd out of the field and placed in the money .  The next big weekend for the Woods Team was at Lima, Oh. a couple weeks later.   This was the first GNC national race and racing with the top seeded teams in the sport was a thrill. 

Tom , Dave Sr. and Dave Jr.
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